Paraguay War Documents were included in the International Register of Unesco’s Memory of the World Program

Published on thursday, january 7th, 2016.
memória do mundo, Unesco
The documental set “The War of the Triple Alliance: iconographical and cartographical representations” was included in the International Register of Unesco’s Memory of the World, (MOW), in the 2014-2015 edition. The application has gathered heritages of nine Brazilian institutions and Uruguay National Library.


Imagem retrata a Batalha Naval do Riachuelo.
Imagem retrata a Batalha Naval do Riachuelo.

The set contains extensive documentation about the conflict known as Paraguay War and covers 402 iconographical and cartographical documents. Besides the National Library (BN), the Imperial Museum, the National Archive, the Historical Archive and the Itamaraty Historical Map Collection, the National Historical Museum, the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Brazilian Historical and Geographical Institute, the Historical Patrimony and Navy Documentation Board of Directors, and the Army Historical Archive, also contributed to the heritage building. Some documents belonging to Uruguay National Library were also added, which joined the group of Brazilian institutions.

BN contribution includes iconographical and cartographical documents of six heritage collections of Iconography, Manuscripts and Cartography (Fluminense Library Collection, Mario Barreto Collection, Thereza Christina Maria Collection, Benedito Ottoni Collection, National Library Collection and Pimenta Bueno Collection). Among the items, two photographic albums and one drawing album belonging to Fluminense Library Collection are highlighted, besides the manuscripts maps of Thereza Christina Maria Collection, among others. “All the works are available to researches at the respective areas of BN”, states Joaquim Marçal Ferreira de Andrade, the BN Iconography Heritage researcher. Furthermore, part of this heritage has already been scanned and can be reached through the Digital National Library website

The documental set had already received, in 2013, the Memory of the World Program Regional Register – Latin America and Caribbean (MOW-LAC). “The application was originally proposed by the Imperial Museum Board of Directors and had the endorsement from another eight institutions leaders, which together, have submitted the MOW-LAC 2013 application”, says Marçal. In 2014, with the Uruguayan documents inclusion, the project was submitted to International MOW, and was chosen to integrate the global register of the program.