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Guided Visit

Information about the guided tour service at headquarters building.

The guided visit at the Brazilian National Library is gratuitous and can be carried out from Monday to Friday, in three schedules:

  • 2:00 PM - English and Spanish

The visitor must present a document with photo, original or photocopy, at the guided visit reception, located in the Main Hall.

Special visits or in groups

Visits for specific groups can be scheduled, allowing a route to be addressed for each public, in order to meet their profile and interests.

The schedule for special visits can be made through number (21) 2220-9484 or through the email

The visit

Meet the inside of the historical building, inaugurated in 1910, and appreciate its impressive architecture, with staircases, wide skylights in colored stained glass, elegant ornamentation and preserved rooms, beyond the works of art that decorate the spaces, as pictures, panels and sculptures.

In the corridors, in the heritage rooms and in the Cultural Space Eliseu Visconti it is possible to visit thematic expositions, which congregate pieces of multiple collections.

The guides who lead the visitors are especially selected and prepared to transmit historical information about the National Library, its heritage, its collections and main works, transforming the visit into an unforgettable cultural route.

The visitor also has the option to visit on his own, without the orientation of a guide.