Heritage Conservation

As ações de conservação têm por objetivo melhorar o estado físico do suporte e prolongar sua permanência e vida útil, viabilizando seu acesso pelas futuras gerações.
Procedimento de higienização de mapa com pó de borracha.
Exemplo de reestruturação do suporte da capa de um livro.
Modelos de acondicionamento para livros (caixa em cruz).
Modelos de acondicionamento para livros (invólucro de preservação)
Modelos de acondicionamento para livros (caixa portifólio)
Modelos de acondicionamento primário para documentos planos (envelope de poliéster)
Modelos de acondicionamento secundário para documentos planos (caixa telescópica)
Procedimento de encadernação
Procedimento de encadernação
Tratamento de higienização de jornal avulso, realizado na máquina de higienização (Coleção João Goulart).

The actions of conservation have the purpose to improve the support’s physical state and to promote its long-term preservation in order to hold its heritage in trust for future generations.

Preventive Conservation

Encompasses all Brazilian National Library’s collection, regardless its state of conservation, and includes measures and actions with the intention of minimizing future deteriorations or losses. Examples: necessary procedures for handling and support, sanitation, storage, preservation, packaging and transport, security, environment control (light, humidity, atmospheric pollution and pests control), emergency plans and staff training.

Restorative Conservation

It is characterized by the actions directly applied on the heritage, with the purpose to stop harmful processes or to strengthen its structure. It is desirable to be taken in a relatively short time so that the heritage returns to its storage place, providing public access. Examples: recovery of damaged bindings, torn pages repair, grafts in missing parts of the internal layout or the cover, and planning of documents.

Brazilian National Library Conservation Actions

  • Diagnosis of the heritage state of conservation.
  • Heritage’s on-site sanitation, which means, done on sanitation tables in its own areas, as an action of the preventive conservation program.
  • Heritage’s sanitation in the Center of Conservation and Binding (CCE) as a restorative conservation first step.
  • Restorative Conservation, which covers all the institution’s heritage storage areas.
  • Packaging to reduce deterioration processes and to prevent new damages.
  • Binding of general and periodical heritage, as a support damage and loss prevention and recovery of special heritage’s bindings.
  • Brazilian National Library ‘s Assembly of expositions.
  •  Follow-up and control of the expositions assembly, in case of institution’s heritage loan, with the production of conservation technical reports.
  • Accomplishment of technical inspection with the production of heritage’s conservation technical assessments.
  • Participation in courses and lectures.
  • Trainees Training in CCE.
  • Draw up of climatological reports and their respective diagnosis in order to oversee the acclimatization of some BN key areas, including collections’ storage places, vault room, Center of Conservation and the laboratories: of Restoration, of Digitization and Microfilming.