Serialized Publications

The Serialized Publications heritage (Periodicals) was created in 1922 and is designed to the guardianship, treatment and preservation of magazines, yearbooks and other vehicles with regular circulation - daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly or others - entrusted to the Brazilian National Library by operation of the Legal Deposit Law. The collection is also extended through exchanges and donations.

The heritage gathers important historical collections, as the extinguished Gazeta do Rio De Janeiro (1808) - first periodical printed in Brazil, which its launching marks the debut of the press in Brazil -, Pernambuco Daily (1825) - considered the oldest periodical of Latin America still in circulation - and the Associated Dailies collection - journalistic organization established by Assis Chateaubriand -, beyond diverse titles of varieties, entertainment and academic character.

Among the curiosities, Vossa Senhoria is distinguished, registered by the Guinness World Records as the smallest periodical in the world, Correio Braziliense, the first Brazilian periodical, published in London from 1808 to 1822 by Hipólito Jose da Costa, which remains as an important source for historical, politics, social economic and literary studies, O Malho (1902), the first Brazilian magazine to use color on its pages and Tico-Tico (1905), the first national comic magazine.

The publications can be consulted at the Brazilian Digital Newspaper Library, available via the Internet without any access restriction, or in the proper National Library, either for the access to the HDB by means of available computers in the Coordination Room, through microfilm readers and prints.