Saint Hilaire and the Brazilian landscapes

12/09/2016 to 02/28/2017
Opening days and time: 
Monday through Friday, from 10:00AM through 5:00PM
The exhibition celebrates the 200th anniversary of Saint Hilaire's arrival in Brazil, describing the itinerary traveled by the French botanist and naturalist.

An exhibition comprised of texts and images from the reports written by Saint-Hilaire takes shape on the engravings and drawings produced by other artists, some of them in the scope of expeditions that followed the same path as that of Carl von Martius and that of Prince Maximilian zu Wied-Neuwied.

About the exhibition

Saint Hilaire e as paisagens brasileiras
Biblioteca Nacional - Salão de Obras Raras
Av. Rio Branco, 219 - 3rd floor
From December 9th, 2016 through February 28th, 2017
Monday through Friday, from 10:00AM through 5:00PM
Free access


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