Competence and activities

Mission, competence and activities carried out by BN.

The Brazilian National Library (BN) has the mission to collect, register, safeguard and give access to the Brazilian intellectual production, ensuring the exchange with national and international institutions as well as the country’s bibliographical and documental memory preservation.

To the Brazilian National Library is ascribed:

1 – To capture, preserve and diffuse the registers of the national bibliographical and documental memory;
2 – To adopt the necessary measures for the conservation and protection of the bibliographical and digital patrimony under its custody;
3 – To act as a referential center of bibliographical information;
4 – To act as the responsible body for the national bibliographical control;
5 – To serve as a depositary and ensure the legislation compliance concerning the legal deposit;
6 – To register intellectual works and endorse the concession of the author’s property rights;
7 – To promote the cooperation and the national and international diffusion concerning its mission;
8 – To foster the knowledge production by means of bibliographical research, elaboration and circulation regarding its mission.

To fulfill its mission, BN carries out several activities:

To keep and preserve its extensive and valuable heritage, BN develops activities of conservation, restoration, digitation and microfilming. All the actions aimed at security and preservation of the set of works, are carried out from the Risk Management Plan – Safeguard and Emergency. Learn more.
Works capture is done through the Legal Deposit provision, acquisitions, donations and through the exchange between libraries. The technical processing of the work, internally named “caminho do livro”(“book’s path”), is carried out in three divisions: Legal Deposit, Technical Services and the Brazilian Bibliography.
In order to diffuse the national memory and knowledge, BN takes actions that involve editorial production, translation programs and research. Furthermore, BN Digital and the Periodicals serve this purpose as well.